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Our goal is to give you all the tools you will need to become a yoga teacher:
– Develop and maintain regular students and successful classes
– Connect with your students and create a meaningful relationship with them
– Motivate, encourage and make your students interested in practicing yoga
– Positively apply the yoga philosophy and life-style to your life

We want to teach you the principles of all these concepts not just the mechanics so you can grow as a teacher and a person. We also want to help you develop a personal practice that will keep you motivated for years to come. At The Lab we believe that a regular practice is the best teacher and the ideal playground to inspire and lead us in the right direction.


The cYoga Teaching Training is extremely practical and hands-on. You will learn to teach by rehearsing teaching real classes, you will learn asanas through hands-on adjustments and exercises, and will learn philosophy by engaging in discussion. Every hour spent is intended to make you understand better your role as a yoga teacher and help you discover how you can use your skills to create a positive impact on your students. The main focus of the training is on class delivery and all the training areas are geared to help you deliver great classes.


In simple terms, cYoga works. The style gives the tools to both teachers and practitioners to take full advantage of the yoga practice. Students see results in their body and their life which translates into a wish to continue practicing. As a teacher, you see your students improve and learn while having a good experience. cYoga sees teaching yoga as a shared learning experience for teacher and student, which creates a bond and a meaningful experience for both. But above all, cYoga will challenge, motivate and push you both physically and mentally so you can learn more about yourself.

Program details:
– 200hr program
– 3.5 weeks, Nov 27th to Dec 21st
– Mon-Fri: 8:30am to 5pm (1hr. lunch break)
– Sat, Sun: 1:30pm to 4:30pm
– Free classes while in training
– Limited┬áspots
– $3,500

Payment Details:
– $3500 due on Nov 14th
– $500 off if full amount paid before Sep 1st

– $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot

cYoga Teacher Training Curriculum

Teaching Methodology
Hands on Adjustments
Teaching Practice
Art of Sequencing
Anatomy for Yoga
Meditation/ Philosophy

Application Process

Step 1

Is cYoga for you?

Get familiar with the style.

If you cannot take a class at The Lab, make yourself familiar with Carmen’s style via instagram or vimeo.

Step 2

Complete Application Form

Application form

Tell us why you want to take the training.

Download Form

Step 3

Let's talk about you.

Let's Chat

We want to make sure you will really enjoy the training. Let’s have a chat or Skype and you can ask some questions.

Step 4

Reserve your spot

Pay Deposit

Pay a non-refundable $500 deposit to reserve your spot. We’ll send you a Paypal link to complete this step from anywhere in the world.

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Teacher training at The Lab far exceeded all my expectations. In the 3.5 weeks I spent with Carmen and Moises, I learned how to design a cohesive and intelligent sequence, teach and adjust each and every pose in the sequence, and understand the anatomy and philosophy behind the yoga I was teaching. Carmen and Moises did an amazing job preparing the course in a progressive way that maximized growth as teachers over a short time frame. Further, both made themselves available to answer any and all questions that we had about anatomy, sequencing, poses, adjustments, philosophy, meditation, and all things yoga in general. Above all else, I feel extremely well prepared to begin my teaching career and would recommend this TT to anyone looking to teach high level yoga.

Garry Capko, Certified 2016

cYoga teacher training is one of the most challenging and fulfilling experience I’ve been through in my life. The attention and quality of instruction Carmen and Moises provided were felt from day one and throughout the program. The whole package, including meditation, hands-on adjustments, sequencing, and cueing, was all found here. It also transformed my own personal practice, having more breakthroughs at The Lab than anywhere else.

Rachel Wang, Certified 2016

Please do not expect a simply enjoyable, sweet yoga teacher training. Carmen and Moises frequently stressed me out… with sincere devotion and passion, which helped me go through several breakthroughs. The training is structured to find the best version of yourself, through sequencing, adjustments, meditation, presentation and very sharp feed backs, and so on. Especially, if you are feeling stuck in your practice or desiring to improve your teaching skills, this is THE training course to take.

Jinny Suh, Certified 2016

I loved my time spent in teacher training at The Lab. I learned so much about smart and creative sequencing in order to get the most out of my students and the adjustments we were taught are invaluable and a huge benefit to the people I will teach. I not only learned about how to take my students to the next level, but also learned more about my own practice. While the training was a lot of hard work, we still had so much fun and all the trainees formed a special bond. My favorite part of the training was starting each day with meditation. I felt it helped us all to stay in a peaceful and positive state of mind throughout the 3-1/2 week experience. A huge thanks to Carmen and Moises for everything you did for all of us.

Sarah Lombardi, Certified 2016

Teacher training at The Lab helped me understand and appreciate the amount of skill, dedication, and genuine care for students that make excellent instructors. Carmen and Moises exude all the qualities of exceptional instructors and give their trainees all the tools and inspiration to do the same – all with such passion and fun!

Karina Wong, Certified 2015