Carmen Aguilar


Carmen Aguilar, E-RYT 200 (@cyogalife), had completed an Engineering degree and then a Masters degree, spoke 4 languages and was deciding in what direction to launch her career when she found yoga. A seemingly crazy choice at the time, she dropped everything and devoted all her energies to the study of this discipline. The deeper she got into it the more it fascinated her. During [...]

Moises Aguilar


Moises started to practice yoga in 2003 when his consulting job demanded him to travel weekly from city to city and found that lifestyle highly demanding for his body. With the help of his wife Carmen, he started to develop his own practice in hotel rooms at five in the morning and his meditation practice late at night. Since then he has studied and explored the teachings of ashtanga, vinyas [...]

Nicolette Downs


Nicolette started practicing yoga in 2010, at first trying out many different styles; vinyasa flow, baptiste, bikram, but none of them held her attention...that is until she discovered cYoga! By the end of her first class at The Lab she was hooked. She found the practice tough enough to get her out of her head and onto the mat, it pushed her limits, and made her face fears-all while having a [...]

Veronica Feldmeier


Veronica’s love for yoga is contagious. A long-time competitive athlete and former collegiate soccer player, Veronica began practicing yoga consistently to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle as she built a career in Marketing and International Business. When she found The Lab, inspired by Carmen’s practice and teaching philosophy, Veronica knew her next step was to leave the warm Calif [...]

Claire Harper


Claire was first exposed to yoga as a young child. She grew up in a homeschooled community of hippies, and could tell you how to do a sun salutation before she knew what a touchdown was. Claire started to develop a consistent yoga practice in high school after she began practicing with Carmen at The Lab. Claire uses her yoga practice to find balance in her life and finds that it merges well w [...]

Chris Gilmore


Chris developed a daily yoga practice as a means to repair his mind and body from caring for an ailing parent for a number of years.  A life long competitive tennis player who has been involved in the financial markets his entire career, Chris has always been drawn towards competitive aspirations.  He became addicted to the personal goal setting and results that immediately became evident on [...]

Emma Gyger


Emma began her yoga journey after she moved to Chicago in 2010 to study Audio Production. Originally a dancer who loved expressing herself through movement, she switched the dance studio for the yoga studio where she found a new passion. When Emma found Carmen’s unique and challenging style at The Lab, she knew that she was in the place that would allow her practice to truly flourish. Emma's [...]

Kate Hardwick


Kate’s yoga journey began in 2004 at a Bikram studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to heal knee injuries from years of running. Soon after, fascinated by the practice and determined to dive deeper, she began to explore other practice styles. She joined The Lab in 2012 where, as a student, she appreciated how cYoga seamlessly organized sequences to reach peak poses. Empowered by the strength and co [...]

Paloma Huner


After moving to Chicago from Paraguay, Paloma gave yoga a try as a way to stay active. She tried different styles but never settled for one in particular until she stumbled upon cYoga. She found Carmen’s style different, smart and challenging. Paloma was inspired to develop a regular practice and with time she became more and more fascinated with what the body can do and its subtleties. cYog [...]

Rebecca Koppel


Rebecca began practicing yoga to get back in shape after a tennis-related knee surgery. After trying various styles, she experienced her first cYoga class in June 2011, and it immediately clicked. She found it exciting, challenging, and enjoyed that it pushed her to test her limits. She was also surprised because practicing yoga eased the day-to-day stress of pursuing her PhD. Yoga is now pa [...]

Ali Oldani


Ali came to yoga to strengthen her body but found the practice calming her mind and giving her peace and purpose. After her first 200-hr RYT she lived in the Caribbean studying and teaching Ashtanga, but yearned to diversify her skillset as a teacher and for a community where she was challenged and supported. Inspired by Carmen through Instagram, she attended a weekend intensive workshop and [...]

Gina Reynolds


Gina began practicing yoga while in law school. After graduation, she moved to Chicago and became involved with local theater as an actor, dancer and choreographer. Yoga remained an important part of her life, relieving stress while increasing the strength and flexibility needed for dancing. Gina discovered The Lab in 2011 and was immediately hooked. She loves the challenging sequences and t [...]

Karina Wong


An adrenaline junkie of sorts, Karina loves outdoor sports like snowboarding, wakeboarding, and downhill mountain biking. She found The Lab and was drawn by the positive energy and fun that come with a physically and mentally challenging cYoga practice. She also relies on her practice to relax and clear her mind outside of a demanding legal career. She looks to share the excitement and fulfi [...]